Representing Skyline at the EduTech conference with HEX

Martin Jellinek

On Thursday 24th of August at the EduTech Annual conference, HEX (The Hacker Exchange) and The Skyline Education Foundation shared the Innovation Stage to present “Exponential Intelligence – a new framework for evaluating skills”. The focus of this talk was to explore how we have surpassed the days of IQ and EQ, and now the measures of job readiness require a much more complicated understanding of an individual’s mindset, skillset and toolset.

It was a great opportunity to discuss the way in which the Hex Ed courses have opened a world of possibilities for Skyline students. It can inspire their passion for learning when they get to look beyond ATARs and University entrance scores and focus on their interests and how they relate to industry. In partnership with Atlassian, HEX have been making the units of their HEX ED course (You, Innovation, Tech Money & Future) available to Skyline students.

Our Year 11s, Year 12s and Alumni have seized at this opportunity and taken full advantage. One of our Year 11 students says: “The HEX Ed courses are a fantastic opportunity for you to build an impressive resume and stand out amongst your peers. I personally undertook the ‘YOU’ course, where I gained a heightened sense of self by taking a deep dive at my values, aspirations, and leadership styles. The topics I found most memorable were: Presenting your Personal Brand, Networking Strategies and Building a Professional Profile – Skills very applicable in the workforce.”

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