Final Masterclasses Of 2023 At VU Prompts Nostalgia

We’re thrilled to share the highlights from our final masterclasses on September 20th and 21st, which marked the culmination of our year-round efforts with both our Year 11 and Year 12 students. These sessions aimed to delve deeper into course options, explore the Victoria University Footscray Park Campus, provide a Skyline Hatch exam preparation session, and guide students in refining their study methods, techniques, and schedules.

On the 20th, we were honoured to have some of our board members join us, and on the 21st, we welcomed the inspiring ladies from Mecca M-Power. The mornings were filled with a mix of excitement and a touch of nostalgia, knowing that this was the last time our Year 12 students would gather before graduation. Over the two years of the program, students build friendships and bonds, evolving into a tight-knit cohort and community as they navigate their VCE journey, so as it begins to wrap up, there is always a mix of emotions.

The day kicked off with a customary debriefing before students headed to their university course session that they had opted to attend. One of the choices was a health course that involved learning about BPM and heart rates. The hands-on activity of calculating heart rates using a stethoscope and sphygmomanometer (blood pressure cuff), coupled with engaging in different activities to see how heart rate changes when engaging in differing activities, was a hit among the students.

The second option was a captivating criminology session. Students, working in teams, were given a pack of information and images to decipher and determine who they believed committed the crime. The enthusiasm and passion displayed by some students in solving the case was truly fantastic and set the tone for the rest of the day.

The Skyline Hatch VCE exam study session, hosted by our dedicated tutors Theano and Holly, centred on study methods, stress relief, and self-reflection on study schedules and behaviour. Feedback from students indicated that the session was helpful in preparing for upcoming exams.

The university-provided lunch was not only tasty and fresh but also offered students a chance to unwind and socialise on the lovely café balcony, basking in the sunlight. Post-lunch, students embarked on a university tour, followed by rotating sessions where they had the opportunity to interact with Skyline Alumni, VU students, and the Mecca M-Power ladies. These sessions delved further into course options, career pathways, and insights into student life.

All involved in both days noted the students’ engagement, inquisitiveness, and enthusiasm, and we applaud them for their etiquette. Special thanks to the accommodating, insightful VU staff and students who played a crucial role in ensuring the smooth running of the day. As always, we extend our gratitude to everyone who contributed to these rewarding events.

Looking ahead, we have begun graduation planning and are well underway with the recruitment of our new 2024 Year 11 cohort.

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