Our impact

To date, independent evaluations by I & J Management Services evidences up to 65% of Skyline students achieving VCE results in excess of their aspirations prior to joining the program:

100% of students who completed the two-year Skyline Program transitioned to tertiary education or career of choice

85% of Skyline students entered university with others proceeding directly to career of choice

More than 70% of Skyline students took on leadership roles within their school or were recognised for academic excellence. Schools report that these students become role models for their siblings and peers.

Support Where It Matters

With Skyline’s encouragement, support and advocacy, by far the most significant difference that Skyline students see in themselves is increased confidence and self-efficacy – personal traits that translate to longer-term personal, societal and economic benefits.

As they leave school the students say they now:​

  • See themselves as a person of value and worth
  • Have confidence in their academic ability and capacity to succeed
  • Are better able to define and pursue a career pathway of their choice
  • Have stronger personal, organisational and work-readiness skills
  • Have increased motivation and capacity to give back to their community through leadership and volunteer work.

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Our Strategic Plan

Social Return on Investment

Our 2019 Social Return on Investment (SROI) evaluation examined the value created in a typical two-year program. The evaluation found that for every dollar invested in the Skyline Program, approximately $12.19 of social and economic value was created. In 2020 in the context of COVID-19 the value of Skyline’s impact has lifted to $13.20.

That evaluation found that for every dollar invested in the program, $13.20 of social and economic value was created. Skyline is creating considerable social and economic Return as a result of the wrap-around care approach which provides students the ability to strengthen their self-identity, build confidence, and experience the support of a stable network.



Theory of Change

Diversity and Inclusion


At Skyline Education Foundation Australia, we are dedicated to equality, and value diversity and inclusion for all students. We are committed to initiating and driving change to ensure Skyline, and wider education environment that the students are apart of are safe and welcoming for all.

To us diversity includes, but is not limited to, understanding, accepting, and valuing differences such as:

  • Cultural, racial, ethnic and linguistic diversity
  • Neurodiversity
  • Living with a disability – physical, behavioural, cognitive and mental
  • Different religious or spiritual beliefs
  • LGBTQIA+ diversity – sex, gender and sexual orientation diversity
  • Generational, social and geographic diversity
  • Socioeconomic status and background

Our focus includes a commitment to initiatives such as:

  • The development of a dedicated Diversity and Inclusion Committee
  • Consultation with our Alumni in regards to, shaping Skyline’s operational and strategic conversations and co-curating a diverse and inclusive future
  • Creation of open, safe and non-judgemental spaces to encourage empowering and meaningful discussions of diversity and inclusion, towards creating enduring change and betterment for the Skyline community
  • Building awareness, sensitivity and respect for diversity, inclusion and intersectional issues
  • Reflection on and representation of Student and Alumni in Skyline’s leadership
  • Working towards the goal of having more diverse and inclusive representation amongst Skyline’s leadership
  • Including cultural and linguistic diversity and lived experience in hiring selection considerations
  • Co-developing and designing guidelines regarding diversity and inclusion with Alumni, including but not limited to:
    • Communications – the language we use, the stories we tell and how we share them
    • Program – student selection criteria reflecting Skyline’s understanding of diversity and our learning experiences
  • Regularly communicating to the wider Skyline community about what actions we are taking to make Skyline a more inclusive organisation and gathering feedback on if and how we can be better.

Our Insights

Skyline brings together people from a diverse range of organisations to address issues of equity and opportunity in education. We are exploring the potential for sharing ideas and actions to achieve collective impact and combat educational disadvantage. This is a model of problem solving that aims to break down silos and allow solutions to emerge, rather than being known at the outset.

Below are the outcomes and insights from these meetings: