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“The main benefits included getting access to Masterclasses and residential programs that build up my teamwork, leadership and communication skills. Also, I was exposed to more career opportunities from Skyline’s partners which greatly benefited and inspired me. I was able to meet many like-minded people, many of whom I became close friends with. Finally, the financial support from Skyline relieved stress for myself and my family. My favourite part of the Skyline program is the masterclasses and residential programs. They provide a physical way for Skyliners to connect with each other while learning personal skills for the future.”

– Haisong 2023 Graudate

“The Skyline program gave me access to books, uniform, network of friends and certainly a confidence boost in VCE. Skyline has also prepared me for the last few months of VCE with the multiple masterclasses (career exploring, SAC and exam revision tutoring and VTAC applications) that really calms me down and not get too overwhelmed by the impending doom of exams. My favourite part of the Skyline program is the network of like-minded peers. I am very glad to have met people from all across Victoria that share similar goals and values.”

– Charlotte 2023 Graduate

“The main benefit of being in the Skyline Program is the access to financial aid. The reimbursements that I received allowed me to purchase better uniform, school books and stationery that I otherwise would have not been comfortable purchasing due to their expense. More than that though, I think I have truly benefited from an aspect of personal growth. I have a better understanding of who I am, what I want to do in the future and how I will get there. It helped me to connect to a wide range of people and develop stronger social skills. The pride of being a Skyline student is also greatly comforting in itself.”

– Nakeisha 2023 Graduate

“Skyline Program has tremendously helped me to ease of stress caused by financial hardships. I could enter VCE with confidence knowing I am not entering at a disadvantage…
Among the countless benefits, my main has to be the incredible support network of managers, mentors and fellow students within Skyline. I feel confident knowing there are so many people who have my back. I feel less lonely in this hard journey in VCE and I actually feel motivated to try hard and get through it. Skyline really makes you feel important, and reminds you that you are valuable. This was so important in times when I really struggled in school, as it helped me to not lose myself mentally.”

– Mary Lynn 2023 Graduate