Our Program

Our focus is on high ability students who display a growth mindset, leadership potential, and resilience in the face of their social and economic challenges, to find pathways to further study and employment.

These high potential students may be at risk of:

  • Leaving the school system early to support themselves, siblings and their families
  • Not aspiring to realise their full potential. In most cases, Skyline Program graduates are the first in their family to complete secondary school or to transition to tertiary education or a career pathway that would see the cycle of entrenched disadvantage broken
  • ‘Falling through the cracks’ as they typically deal with financial hardship, emotional and other familial challenges
  • Intellectual underperformance in order to fit in socially or created by a failure to see their own potential due to self-esteem and self- belief issues or non-engagement caused by lack of intellectual stimulation
  • Getting minimal attention at school because their potential is seen as requiring less support than those below average

Education is fundamental to human endeavour and possibility. Research has shown a direct correlation between educational attainment and the enhancement of a person’s potential and quality of life. It is a pathway to advancement and opportunities, and not only enriches and improves personal lives but benefits communities, societies and countries. For students who show enormous potential yet are faced with social or economic adversity, the adversity presents an often insurmountable barrier to finishing their education, pursuing a career and moving beyond their circumstances.

From Adversity to Opportunity

The Skyline Program delivered invests in three key areas vital for equipping students with the best chance of success at school – and in life. Our endeavour aims to see students transition to tertiary education or career of choice, and reach their full potential as positive members of their communities and leaders for change.

Skyline aims to see students transition to tertiary education or career of choice and reach their full potential and become positive members of their communities.

Support Framework

Skyline’s dedicated team creates a continuum of educational, emotional and practical support and resources by forming a strong school, companion teacher and parental support framework and partnership that wraps-around students whilst undertaking the Program.

Financial Reimbursement

Reimbursement of educational expenses incurred by students (school levies and fees, textbooks, uniforms, materials and academic requirements, travel and excursions) that would otherwise further impact families, already experiencing financial difficulty.

Transformative Learning Experiences

Students attend unique Skyline and educator partner designed personal growth and development masterclasses, vocational seminars and residential courses, all of which are undertaken outside school hours and provided at no cost to students from within the funding allocation per student. Sessions are intended to inspire, encourage and empower students to:

  • Develop quality skills, confidence and self-belief to manage and overcome financial and personal challenges
  • Identify networking and scholarship opportunities that will optimise opportunities, with support provided to students in their application process
  • Evaluate and discern education and career opportunities as pathways of choice and assist students to make informed decisions about future studies and career choices
  • Connect with like-minded, aspirational young people
  • Use introductions to tertiary institutions, professionals and role models as a means to visualise and experience a tertiary environment and help make the transition to tertiary education that much easier to comprehend
  • Integrate into the broader alumni group, which will provide ongoing support. As students move through their secondary and tertiary education they form network of like minded peers who continue to support each other well into their university careers.


Discover Our Transformative Learning Experiences

The Skyline Program’s transformative learning experiences combine facets of conceptual, analytical and disciplined thinking, and education and career guidance with respectful care of the individual and their circumstances, and equip students of high potential to survive, thrive and lead in an ever-changing educational and economic landscape.

Residential Camps

Provides the students with the opportunity to connect and develop relationships with each other and the skyline team to foster the community-like feeling of our supportive eco-system.

Year 11 students are introduced and inducted into Skyline and stay together with their new cohort on a 3 day 2 night camp, that gives them tools to use throughout the year in a fun and friendly environment.

Year 12 students are reunited with their cohort for the fun and educational 3 day 2 night camp, students are provided with tools and skills to help them plan ahead for their final year of VCE and start the year off prepared.

Development Workshops

Masterclass 1 The Creative Journey – NGV
Masterclass 2 The Motivational Learning Journey – Regional
Masterclass 3 Peak Performance – Possibilities
Navigation Base Residential Program – Who Do I Want To Be?
Masterclass 4 The Creative Journey – Think Different – NGV
Masterclass 5 Shaping Your Future – Your Options – Regional
Masterclass 6 Choose Your Tomorrow