Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is that gifted and academically talented students with high resilience reach their full potential and our mission is to empower VCE students to thrive through education and personal growth in a caring community.

Skyline supports students who may be at risk of:

  • leaving the school system early to support themselves and their families, or 
  • ‘falling through the cracks’ as they typically deal with financial hardship, emotional challenges and other family challenges.

In many cases, Skyline Program graduates are the first person in their family to complete secondary school. 

The Foundation fulfils its mission for this student cohort through the unique Skyline Program. The Skyline model is a strong evidence based program, developed initially by John Cheetham in partnership with the DOXA Youth Foundation in 2001. In 2004 Skyline Education Foundation was founded off the back of the previous program, however it was not until 2006 when the program was re-badged as Skyline Education Foundation Australia that John, with a group of passionate supporters, offered the Skyline Program to gifted and talented, high resilience, government school students. 

Since that inaugural year, 96% of the 143 students who have graduated from the Skyline Program, having completed their VCE studies, have transitioned to tertiary studies or careers of choice. 

Ongoing research continues to add further information and evidence to enhance the Program and the outcomes for students. 

The Foundation also advocates more broadly for disadvantaged gifted and academically talented students in Victoria and the educational changes needed to identify and support them in achieving their potential and fulfilling their dreams through education. 

“Not only can I say that Skyline has changed my life, but it is one of the best experiences in my life. Through the networks I have been introduced to, I believe I am surrounded by many people who support me.” – Andreas, Student