June Masterclass Wrap-Up

On June 26th and 28th, we travelled to RMIT in Melbourne Central to conduct the third round of workshops for our Year 11 and 12 cohorts. Some students woke as early as 5am, commuting from outer regions and suburbs, eager to reconnect with fellow Skyliners and our team.

Year 11:

  • Theme: Your Learning Journey
  • Objectives: Pathway creation, community building, university life

Year 12:

  • Theme: Shaping the Future
  • Objectives: Community building, pathway development, university life

In the morning, students brimmed with excitement, eager to dive into a day filled with exploring university courses, expanding career knowledge, and participating in a university tour scavenger hunt. On the 28th, the year 12 cohort enjoyed an extended day, featuring a game show trivia quiz and an additional session focused on Skyline VTAC, SEAS, and scholarships.

The Career Workshop empowered year 11 students to assess their personalities and skills using the Holland Code (RIASEC), unveiling potential career paths they may not have considered before. Similarly, year 12 students delved into post-school life exploration.

For university workshops, students could choose between Engineering – Space Science and Graphic Design. In the Space Science Workshop, students collaborated to craft rockets using simple materials and then launched them at a moon image. Teams worked together to optimise aerodynamics and aesthetics, fostering camaraderie.

Led by a design professor, the second workshop introduced concepts and guided students in creating visually compelling posters addressing issues such as environmental, social, and economic concerns. Students brainstormed ideas collectively, aiming to make the message visually impactful yet simple and constructed these posters accordingly.

During lunch at the World Café, students had the opportunity to chat and strengthen friendships before the afternoon sessions. Later, they engaged in discussions with RMIT students in smaller groups, gaining insights into courses and university life.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved in making these days successful and enriching for our students. Many reported that one of the highlights of these master classes was the chance to spend time with their cohort and strengthen bonds with like-minded peers, fostering a sense of community.

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