How We Measure Success

Skyline is best known as a vibrant organisation that is  deeply committed to seeing students realise their dreams.  Our key focus is to support gifted and academically talented year 11 and 12 students from disadvantaged backgrounds to reach their full potential.

To understand the impact of our work, we commissioned the Skyline Social Return on Investment (SROI) evaluation, which examined the value created from activity undertaken in a typical 2-year period using data from 2017 and 2018.

The purpose of this evaluative SROI was to understand and measure the social and economic value created by Skyline
during the 2017 and 2018 calendar years.The activities examined included: WRAP-AROUND CARE
Skyline’s dedicated Program team creates a continuum of educational, emotional and practical support and resources by forming a strong school, companion teacher and parental support framework and partnership that wraps-around students during their two years in the Program.

Reimbursement of educational expenses incurred by students (school levies and fees, textbooks, uniforms, materials and academic requirements, travel and excursions).

Two transformational three-day courses designed to foster personal growth and development.

Six intensive day long seminars designed to further build personal growth and development To learn more about the results of the evaluation, click here

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