Goodbye from Skyline Chair

Katrina Reynen OAM

It is with a sense of sadness yet personal gratification, that I announce my resignation as Chair of
the Skyline Education Foundation Board and my retirement from the Skyline board, after sixteen
years of dedication to this board. I am equally delighted to hand over the reins for the next phase
of our journey to incoming Chair Stephen Adrian with my confidence and very best wishes.
Due to the efforts of a number of outstanding board members over the past two decades, Skyline
has implemented a sustainable growth trajectory that has changed the lives of thousands of
disadvantaged students, including their families. I am delighted to be able to leave the
organisation in a great place with strong evidence of the impact we are making and a dedicated
team including our CEO and staff, directors and supporters who are truly committed to our vision.

The name of our founder, John Cheetham, is known to every Skyline student and I have been
privileged to steer Skyline to achieve his vision to change the lives of young people who have
outstanding academic ability, but lack the resources to achieve their full education potential.
There are many people who have contributed to the success of Skyline evidenced by the fact that
students and alumni refer to us as “their Skyline family”. This is also testament to the connection
we have created across the broader community, which extends across philanthropists, publishers,
online education providers, counsellors, universities, global companies, government agencies to
name a few; and an army of individuals who provide support in so many different ways.
I extend my sincere gratitude to all board members, Ambassadors, patrons, donors, staff and
volunteers for their ongoing support now and in the past. I also acknowledge the education
partners – the academics, principals and teachers who deeply understand the need to serve this
cohort of gifted and talented students from under-resourced backgrounds, some of whom have
partnered with Skyline from the inception.

For the past sixteen years Skyline has been a significant part of my life, and has thus been a part of
my family’s life as well. I am eternally grateful for the support of my mother, partner and my two
children who have grown up with Skyline. They have embraced the journey with me and have
given much to Skyline in their own right.

I look forward to contributing to the success of Skyline as part of the extended family and will
continue to advocate for the needs of this cohort through my research. Please do consider
reaching out to Stephen Adrian from now if you can support Skyline in any way.

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