High School students awarded Jane Hansen Scholarship at the University of Melbourne

Jane Hansen Scholarship Award

The Hansen Scholarship is a flagship scholarship program at The University of Melbourne.  Each year the Hansen Scholarship recognises students from around Australia who have demonstrated resilience to adversity, and a commitment to supporting others.  Recipients are awarded accommodation, an allowance, and financial and personal support. We are extremely proud to formally announce that two of our Year 12 Graduates, Chelsea and Haisong were honoured with their awards at the recent presentation ceremony held at Melbourne University, each a testament to the boundless possibilities that await them daring to dream and strive.

Haisong graduated from North Geelong Secondary College and was awarded the school Dux for achieving an ATAR of 99.7. He will study a Bachelor of Science followed by a Master of Engineering, having special interests in mechatronics, software, and aerospace.

Chelsea graduated from Narre Warren South P-12 College with an ATAR of 96.65. She will study a Bachelor of Science with plans to enrol in a Doctorate of Physiotherapy to combine her love of sport and dance into one field. 

Chelsea’s quote:

“One main benefit from Skyline is the support that the program brings to each and every student. I have loved being a part of the camps and masterclasses, as I’ve loved socialising with the other members and making new friends. I have loved the masterclasses, from the venues to the programs within them. They have targeted all different areas of self-discovery and our futures, which has really helped me find who I am. [Without Skyline] I don’t think I would have the confidence to believe in myself and complete secondary education to the best of my abilities.”

Haisong’s quote:

“Skyline has given me the encouragement to keep growing and doing what I love, and it has meant a lot to me. Before I joined Skyline, I tried my best to work hard, but I always questioned my abilities and doubted if I could ever reach the dreams and goals, I had set out to achieve. I was lacking the courage to actively reach out for support and opportunities. … The most valuable lessons I learned from my early experiences with Skyline is that, no matter what your background is, what struggles you are facing, and how disadvantaged you are, everyone has the same potential to be successful, and we should always strive to chase our dreams while taking every opportunity possible … my experience at Skyline has been transformative, and I am especially honoured to be part of this amazing community.”

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