2024 Skyline Residential Camp at Mannix College, Monash University

2024 Annual Residential Camp

Insights by: Rebecca (Bec) Hasler, Philanthropy Executive

As 2024 kicked off, I had the privilege of attending the Skyline Foundation Annual Residential Camp, affectionately known as ‘Resi’. Set against the dynamic backdrop of Monash University, this year’s gathering was nothing short of extraordinary as I found myself immersed in a transformative experience, shoulder to shoulder, with the Skyline team, Alumni and students.  

Picture this: 80 bright-eyed, resilient year 11 and year 12 students, each navigating their own unique journey through economic and social hurdles, converging for a three-day adventure that would shape their futures. This is the essence of the Skyline Program—an empowering two-year initiative dedicated to guiding high-potential individuals from low-socioeconomic backgrounds toward academic and professional success. 

Many of these remarkable students are trailblazers in their families, poised to shatter the cycle of generational disadvantage. Through bespoke support spanning financial aid, pastoral care, educational guidance, and holistic well-being initiatives, Skyline ensures that no dream goes unfulfilled. 

I had the honour of welcoming the newest cohort of year 11 students into the fold. Their initial hesitance melted away, replaced by an infectious energy of excitement and camaraderie.  From timid beginnings to triumphant endings, the metamorphosis over those three days was nothing short of awe-inspiring. 

The Residential Camp serves as their initiation into a community built on empowerment, personal growth, and unwavering support.  Led by a dedicated team of staff and Skyline Alumni, the atmosphere buzzed with encouragement, knowledge-sharing, and boundless fun. There’s something genuinely magical about finding your tribe and embarking on a journey of collective growth. 

This experience is a testament to the power of seizing new opportunities with an open heart and mind. It serves as a reminder that amidst challenges, the boundless potential exists, waiting to be unlocked. 

As I eagerly anticipate the journeys of these extraordinary young people, I am reminded of the privilege and responsibility we carry – to nurture their dreams, champion their ambitions, and stand as beacons of support along their paths to success.   

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