Support Our “30 Students in 30 Days” Campaign!

Philanthropic, corporate, and community donations are now urgently required to support 30 students from metro, rural, and regional Victoria facing challenging social and economic circumstances.

With your assistance, we can provide crucial support to these students and make a meaningful impact on their lives and communities. Many Skyline students are the first in their families to complete high school and pursue further education and employment, breaking the cycle of intergenerational disadvantage. To donate and help a student in need,

Skyline remains steadfast in our commitment to fostering environments where every student, regardless of background or circumstance, has the chance to succeed. Through tailored programs, mentorship initiatives, and collaborative community partnerships, we provide the necessary support for students to navigate the complexities they face and emerge as empowered individuals. To meet and hear from some of our incredible past students,

Your generous support is appreciated and will make a difference for generations. Thank You.

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