Harmony Week Everyone Belongs Skyline Education Foundation March 2024

Harmony Week

18th-24th March

As we commemorate Harmony Week, it’s crucial to recognise the limitations of performative actions in addressing racial discrimination. While symbolic or tokenistic gestures can be well-intentioned, they often fall short of fostering genuine understanding and inclusion. True progress towards ending racial discrimination requires sustained commitment and meaningful action.

At Skyline we are moving toward a better future. We believe through education, advocacy, and community-building, we can create a future where every individual is truly valued and respected, regardless of race or ethnicity. As an organisation, we are making strides towards embedding long-term change through the critical work of our Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee, and we look forward to sharing our progress as a mode of reflection and accountability in the months to come!

We hope you can make a promise today to commit to working tirelessly towards long-term change and a world where harmony isn’t just a day or a week, but a way of life. If you’re not sure where to start, some simple everyday actions are: proactively educate yourself, examine your own privilege, practice curiosity with kindness and actively listen to others.

Let’s use Harmony Day as a reminder to engage in ongoing efforts to dismantle systemic barriers and promote equality for everyone.  

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