Bev Brock

Bev Brock OAM

15/01/1947 – 07/04/2024

2006-2021 Board Member
2021-2024 Ambassador

Skyline Education Foundation is deeply saddened by the passing of Bev Brock on Sunday 7 April 2024, following a courageous two-year battle. As a former cherished Board Member and Ambassador, Bev was a shining light within the Skyline community and her tireless dedication, energy, and invaluable contributions will be forever remembered and appreciated. We are filled with gratitude for the wisdom, intellect, compassion, and grace that Bev uniquely brought to us.

Her passion for education and commitment to making a difference touched the lives of many.  We will always be eternally grateful to Bev for all she gave from the very beginning to Skyline, including our students, alumni, schools, donors, directors, ambassadors, staff, and supporters. She was one of our biggest cheerleaders and our entire community have been touched in so many ways by her sustained and impactful leadership.

To Bev’s family, three children, seven adored grandchildren and to her loved ones wrapped into her life as they were her own, we extend our heartfelt condolences to each of you. With her first husband, James McIntosh, Bev had a son, James and later had two more children, Robert and Alexandra with her partner, Peter Brock, AM.

In 2005, Bev met the founder of Skyline, education psychologist, the late John Cheetham when she took her son to him for consultation, who was in year-12 at the time.  John invited Bev to join the Board.

Bev’s journey with the Board commenced in 2005. Back then, our community was small, with only ten students selected each year and Vicki McConchie serving as the sole Program Manager.  From the outset, Bev was an active and dedicated Board Member, immersing herself in various initiatives to support our cause.

In her characteristic fashion, Bev plunged into the work with enthusiasm, taking on fundraising efforts and playing a pivotal role in forging a significant partnership with Bendigo Bank. But her contributions extended far beyond her official duties. Bev was a hands-on presence, readily rolling up her sleeves for sausage sizzles, organizing cake stalls, conducting interviews for prospective staff and students, securing auction items for events.  Bev’s direct involvement with students went beyond all of this; she personally mentored them in media and public speaking, empowering them to effectively represent Skyline. Her guidance transformed our students’ abilities, allowing them to showcase Skyline’s work with confidence and authenticity through their voices. Bev’s dedication to nurturing student talent and amplifying their voices remains a cornerstone of Skyline’s mission.

Beyond her tangible contributions, Bev offered unwavering support and compassion to anyone in need, serving as a tower of strength for our community. Her tireless efforts and generosity played a crucial role in nurturing Skyline from its beginning to the organisation we are today. Her legacy of dedication and kindness will continue to inspire us all.

Bev was one of the founding members of the Advisory Committee for Geelong when this region became part of the Skyline Program in 2016.  She was involved with multiple charities and awarded an Order of Australia during the same year – she was sure that her work with Skyline was a part of the reason for this.

When Bev transitioned from her role as a Board Member at Skyline in 2021, she stepped into the role of Ambassador. She remained a steadfast advocate for our organisation, tirelessly championing our cause at every opportunity.  Her dedication and commitment never wavered, and her presence as an Ambassador continued to illuminate our path forward.

We will carry Bev’s legacy forward with the same passion and dedication she exemplified, and let her memory continue to inspire us all. 

Of all the NFPs and Community Services I have been involved in, Skyline is the one that makes my heart sing! I can totally relate to all of our students and to see how Skyline changes their lives, families and often their communities, it’s like watching my own children succeed in ways they never dreamed possible.

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