Our Supporters

We acknowledge and thank everyone who contributed and is contributing to the Skyline Program including those supporters and in-kind donors for the time, the space, the services, goods and support.

Every contribution is special and makes the world of difference to the ongoing strength of the Program and to the lives and futures of the Skyline Students and Alumni.

Program Partnership

Mecca M-Power

Skyline is proud to be in partnership with MECCA M-Power, a philanthropic initiative from our favourite beauty retailer MECCA aimed at achieving equality through the education and mentoring of women and girls. Working alongside Skyline, MECCA M-Power will support gifted and academically talented female Skyline students. The assistance will enable talented young women to complete the final two years of their secondary education, which as we all know is vital.

Learn more about MECCA and M-Power at mecca.com.au/mecca-m-power.html

Funding Partners

Throughout 2023 Skyline has been generously supported by a variety of funders and donors. These groups see our vision and help make it possible.

Education Partners

Each year Skyline works with a range of education partners that provide either in-kind goods and services and/ or have a business relationship with Skyline, and are paid.

Transportation Partners

Throughout 2022 Skyline has been supported with the provision of transport services generously supported by The Geelong College and Fallons Bus Service.

Additional Supporters

Boncal Family Foundation

Brian and Virginia McNamee

Dawn Wade Foundation

J & B Jackson Foundation

Kelvin and Chloe Barry

Krystyna Campbell-Pretty

Orloff Charitable Foundation

The Baker Foundation

The Wood Family Foundation

Upotipotpon Foundation

Skyline thanks all of our donors for their support