Wendy Bonnici

Leader in Residence: Entrepreneurialism

Former Skyline Director, Wendy Bonnici is a company founder and innovator who has launched, built and led high-growth businesses as start-ups and within large enterprises alike. An experienced advisor, she has also contributed knowledge, capital, and connections to mid-market and emerging ventures.

Wendy’s leadership in the seeding of Skyline Hatch, our social enterprise has been instrumental, initially as a Skyline Director and now pivotal in the Skyline Hatch Advisory Team.

Wendy’s professional background includes 25 years’ experience in Human Resource Management across a variety of industries.

Wendy’s priorities are specific but wide-ranging:

  • Empowering female leaders in early stage businesses through Scale, Australia’s only women-led angel investment group;
  • Collaborating with trusted non-profit organisations; as well as initiatives that build a more creative, equitable, and inspired society.

Concurrently with her Skyline Hatch Advisory Team commitments, Wendy sits on the advisory board for MPower Mecca Cosmetica and chairs her Family Foundation. Wendy also mentors young professional women who have begun their leadership journey.