Scott Alldis
Scott Alldis, Skyline Companion Teacher

Scott Alldis has been a teacher at Northern Bay College for the past five years, specialising in Science and Psychology.

He has been involved in identifying and nominating students for the Skyline Program for the past three years, and has served as a Skyline Companion Teacher for several students. He is serving this year as the Year 10 Coordinator.

Scott is a firm believer in the potential of students that live in disadvantaged areas, and that talent should not be defined by the postcode one lives in. These core beliefs, along with a strong sense of unconditional positive regard for his students, and a healthy dose of larrikinism, serve as the foundations of his educational style.

His desire to help students in achieving their best potential in their senior years of education naturally drew him towards the Skyline Foundation, due to their ability to assist students by supporting them not just financially, but also providing them with enriching experiences to allow them to maximise their growth not only as academics, but as future leaders in their communities.