Sakshi Thakur
Sakshi Thakur, Skyline Program Manager

Sakshi has a strong interest in addressing the social determinants of health to improve overall health and social outcomes for young people.

Prior to joining Skyline, she has worked in corporate finance, local council, start-ups, public health, management consulting, university and has built her own social enterprise. Professionally, she has a background in Commerce (Finance), Biomedical Science and has a Masters in Entrepreneurship with a focus on young people and social entrepreneurship throughout her career.

Sakshi has experience working with many young people and schools through her advocacy work with headspace and youth homelessness, and her time facilitating workshops and programs on resilience, leadership and social enterprises with schools across Victoria. Through these experiences, she has witnessed the power of human connection and community and hopes to continue to support young people to thrive and be the best versions of themselves.

As a young migrant herself, she has committed her career to equitably address social and economic barriers young people face, to see a world where no human is left behind.