Rachel Curtis
Rachel Curtis, Skyline Program Coordinator

Rachel Curtis had the opportunity to partake in the Victorian Gifted and Talented Program whilst she was at high school, and has experienced first-hand the importance in fostering young talent and future potential. Skyline's investment in alike youth who have experienced disadvantage, allows students to continue to perform with excellence.

Rachel's professional background as a legal assistant has afforded her a diverse skill set. Her passion for inspiring young people to reach full potential stems from her long-standing membership with Lord Somers and Powerhouse. Having consistently volunteered on their camps, she has witnessed the power of building strong community and a ‘sense of belonging' for young people.

As an ambassador of Deakin University, Rachel regularly speaks to VCE classes to spark excitement in pursuing tertiary education and career ventures.

Today, Rachel prioritises developing active solutions for students to overcome social and economic barriers. As the Social Justice and Equity Officer of Deakin Law Student's Society, she has hosted educational panels on Indigenous and humanitarian rights, employment law, and diversity. This has afforded her to interact with a strong professional network whose careers are result focused to create change.