Martin Jellinek
Martin Jellinek, Skyline General Manager Learning Services

Martin is driven by improving student well-being and outcomes. He specialises in recognising the potential in high ability students and supporting them to reach their full potential. His work has always involved implementing the necessary change through the establishment of better support networks and helping the students to recognise their true worth.

He has always recognised the power of education, whether through youth leadership or guiding clients through the wilds of Southern Africa. Although he also comes to Skyline with 12 years of formal educational experience in both the secondary and tertiary education sector. Much of this time has been spent in providing education for Gifted and Talented students and the teachers who teach them.

Martin has taught both the VCE and the International Baccalaureate in domestic and international settings. As well as secondary teaching he has also held senior management roles in schools, run outdoor education programs, coordinated Gifted and Talented programs and lectured at the University of Melbourne in the School of Education.

He completed and undergraduate degree with honours in Science, followed by a Masters degrees in both Teaching and Education, specializing in Gifted and Talented education and Curriculum development.