Malaz Mohamed-Bakit
Malaz Mohamed-Bakhit, Alumni Wellbeing Facilitator

We welcomed Malaz as one of Skyline's Alumni Wellbeing Coordinators.

Malaz says she was never someone who saw herself as a minority, nor as being limited or constrained by race or gender or any other factor – that, she says “is just who I am”.

Skyline welcomed Malaz with open arms with the aim of supporting her whether that be in her personal life, schooling or opening up new opportunities. Being the eldest in her family, she was the first to enter high school, the first to enter VCE and the first to attend university to  pursue her great passion.

Although this is a huge leap into what she can only imagine will be the most exciting years of her life, the immense pressure to conform to what other people expect has always been something she has struggled with – the expectation that she may not want to go onto further study or may be incapable of doing so, solely due to her cultural background.

Knowing that Skyline had her back only further motivated Malaz to pursue her passions. The wonderful people that she has met on the way, the talented and gifted young people, have only propelled her further to achieve her goals.

Malaz is truly proud to be a Skyline student and now Alumni, and can only hope to be able to give back to the Program in the future.