Kerryn Warner
Kerryn Warner, Skyline Executive Assistant

As a member of the Skyline management team, Kerryn is inspired and enthusiastic to support the organisation’s valuable work and looks forward to contributing with our partners to potential life changing outcomes for our gifted and academically talented students who have been challenged early in life.

Kerryn believes that if our community is to flourish, we each have a responsibility to lead. It’s vital that we nurture our young people, empowering them to thrive, and providing them with access to resources. In doing this, we can make a difference.

Kerryn contributes 35+ years of experience working as an Executive Assistant across various sectors and has a love of working for smaller enterprises. She has worked with organisations at CEO, Director and Senior Executive levels, managing essential responsibilities. She is passionate and committed to providing high level support, creating enhanced solutions and positive outcomes, delivered with excellence.