Katrina Reynen OAM
Katrina Reynen OAM, Former Skyline Board Chair

Katrina joined the Board over a decade ago, impressed with Skyline’s comprehensive development program for students with unique needs. She believed that Skyline should be available to more equally worthy students and she has worked to make this a reality.

In May 2017, Katrina was appointed Chair of Skyline’s Board. With a Master’s degree in Gifted Education, she contributed to the Gifted Students Program in the Victorian Department of Education as a Policy Officer, and since, over 17 years, she has held senior positions in the Department, along with the role of Director of Global Education at Cisco. She was the Education Lead for SingTel/Optus and Vice President- Schools (Australia), at Pearson Education.

“My involvement with Skyline is one of the most meaningful experiences in my life. Working with these students and seeing them overcome their challenges gives me hope for the future and a sense of immense pride in them. We see potential in students where they don’t yet see it in themselves and help them define and fulfil their dreams. What a privilege it is to be a part of this.”