Hayden Clapham
Hayden Clapham, Residential Program Student Mentor

An acknowledged leader, Hayden has been a virtual Residential Program Studen Mentor, a fitting appointment given his experience as School Captain at Kyneton High School.

Hayden says that through the Program, he has met many new friends who he believes he will keep lifelong. He says, “Skyline to me, is almost like a second family where I can be myself and find help from many people”. He applied to Skyline because he thought itg would be a great opportunity to help him do his best academically, and he has been inspired by the Skyline Masterclasses that have shown him different ways of thinking and problem solving. 

He is proud of overcoming the challenges of VCE and plans to continue with his hobbies including playing basketball and football. He also loves dirt bike riding and other activities in the outdoors. He is motivated by his family who is always encouraging him to do his best and he is inspired by his brother because “he took life by the horns, no matter what.” 

Hayden was an incredible master of ceremonies for Skyline's 2020 graduation and induction.