Felicia Nguyen, Community Gallery Coordinator

Skyline has been very grateful to Felicia who has played an important role as our Community Gallery Coordinator.

From a young age, Felicia showed a natural proficiency in the fields of maths and science and felt a pressure to follow up on her academic strengths in pursuing a traditional career in STEM. It was through her final years of schooling and the support of Skyline that she had the courage to realise her true passions in design and the creative industry.

In 2020, Felicia began her Bachelor of Communication Design at RMIT. In overcoming her own struggles with mental health and societal expectations, she expresses her creative self through illustrations and hopes to champion inclusivity and diversity in her future endeavours.

Education is extremely important to her as it empowers both young and old people to challenge themselves and the world around them.

She is inspired by everything around her, and intends to continue connecting, creating and staying curious. In addition to financial and emotional support, she was offered the casual position of Skyline Community Gallery Producer, a role that she greatly enjoyed and found meaningful.

The Skyline Program has offered Felicia and her family the resources necessary for her to fearlessly forge her own path.