Zavea P.
Zavea P., Skyline Class of 2022

Zavea, a Year 11 student from Hampton Park Secondary College, has found herself having to overcome many “dead ends” and barriers during her schooling. However, from these experiences, she is extremely proud of the resilience she has developed with the support of her friends and family. Zavea applied to Skyline at a time when she struggled with balancing school and her health and hopes to be supported while she puts in 100% during her final years at high school.

In 2021, Zavea hopes to do her very best in all subjects and is inspired by her aunt who was able to achieve her dream job, despite coming to Australia at a young age with little education.

Outside of school, Zavea enjoys expressing her creativity through art, such as through painting, sketching, sculpting, knitting and baking, and playing games with her friends.