YaTaNa Y.
Yatana K., Skyline Class of 2022

After staying at a refugee camp in Thailand, YaTaNa came to Australia seeking safety. YaTaNa thanks her resilience and the help of the Australian community for being able to keep a positive mindset and thrive here. She is also inspired by her mother who she believes is “emotionally strong and upright.”

YaTaNa is extremely proud of being accepted into Skyline, into the SRC at North Geelong Secondary College and singing at school events. She applied to Skyline for the support she will receive in every step of her journey towards her goals. With this encouragement, she hopes to be able to find a career within the medical field.

Outside of school, YaTaNa enjoys being creative through cooking, painting, drawing, and singing. She is also passionate about giving back to the community who have been so supportive and kind. Yatana has found her strengths in public speaking and has undertaken various leadership events within the school community.