Vanessa J.
Vanessa J., Skyline Class of 2021

Vanessa is recent graduate from Alexandra Secondary College. She  studied Legal Studies, Business Management, English, Further Maths and HHD. 

Coming from a rural area where her family have been financially disadvantaged, Vanessa is grateful for the resources, such as Edrolo and the Skyline Hatch Program which has helped Vanessa achieve her goals. She also appreciates the staff at Skyline for always encouraging students to try out new opportunities, meet new people and expand one’s network.

Vanessa’s proudest achievement was staying overseas in China for six weeks as part of a Leadership program and she hopes to take her newfound confidence into the future. After graduating from VCE, Vanessa wishes to explore a new routine of life and study Health Sciences, particularly within the fields of nutrition, sports and business. She finds motivation through self-improvement and  cites her cousin as inspiration to always have a good attitude towards life.