Val Jean W.
Val Jean (VJ) W., Skyline Class of 2020

A Geelong High School student who studied English, Maths Methods, Specialist Maths, Further Maths, Software Design and Physics, VJ came to Skyline as a consequence of his teacher’s encouragement.

He is grateful for the “amazing people” he has met in the Program who have helped him to gain confidence and learn ways to improve his organisational skills.

For VJ, Skyline is a group of ‘really unique and interesting people’. He believes that a major benefit has been learning about study skills and how to better use his time, and he is thankful to the mentors and staff who have helped him with this.

His primary hobbies are video gaming and game/software development and VJ  is most proud of having already completed two of his VCE subjects and achieving pleasing scores.

He is inspired to realise great results in his subjects and motivated by his friends and family who continue to help him to achieve his goals.