Vahini R.
Vahini R., Skyline Class of 2022

Vahini, a student from Dandenong High School, struggled to find a “new normal” where she could feel like herself after her mother passed away. However, with her resilience, Vahini feels in control of finding her on path of success.

To continue challenging herself to pave her own future, she applied for the Skyline Program in hopes to find a supportive community of students and mentors. She is proud of being awarded Academic Excellence during a tough year and continues to be inspired by her sister who never fails to see greatness in Vahini and helps her during challenging times.

Vahini is most passionate about sharing stories through music, writing, film or verbally. She believes each person’s unique interpretation of a story is what gives us our identity, the ability to connect with others and to understand ourselves better. In 2021, she hopes to achieve a greater sense of worth and self-confidence.