Tram T.
Tram T., Skyline Class of 2021

Through Skyline, Tram, a recent graduate from Keysborough College, has been able to improve her social skills and discover her passion in pursuing a pathway in Medicine.

Tram has always been driven towards her goals to be more confident, improve her social skills and step out of her comfort zone. She believes being able to connect with different people at the Residential Camp and Master Classes has really helped her learn more about herself.

In 2020, she was most proud of being able to increase her self-confidence by undertaking a part-time job, applying for leadership roles and actively seeking new experiences. This year, she hopes to continue achieving these goals on top of receiving a high ATAR and looks forward to attending her dream course as well as having the freedom to drive anywhere she wants.

Tram feels inspired by those around her who are “unapologetically confident and hardworking” and is motivated by her promising future if she continues to work hard.