Tanzin Ara R.
Tanzin Ara (Nodi) R., Skyline Class of 2020

Nodi studied Maths Methods, Specialist Maths, English, Physics, Physical Education at Brunswick Secondary College for the VCE.

She has overcome many challenges as a consequence of her migrant background and with English as a second language. The Skyline opportunity has given financial stability and security which has enabled her to explore new opportunities, rather than always needing to default to the cheapest option available. Skyline has motivated Nodi to do well at school. 

To her, Skyline means “family”, she describes the important role it has in empowering her to overcome her ongoing battle with mental health, barriers to access proper learning resources, difficulties in dealing with competitiveness and negativity; and the struggle of having to work in a busy job outside of school to save up for the future. 

Her hobbies are maths, fitness, music, drama/theatre and
technology and she is most proud of getting into the Institute of Enquiring Minds, McWhirter’s Conference and Skyline.