Tanisha L., Skyline Class of 2022

Growing up in a primary school where she felt like she “stood out”, Tanisha found herself feeling insecure and lacking confidence about herself and her culture. However, she has always had a quiet desire to be a leader and since transitioning into Dandenong High School, Tanisha has grown her confidence, learnt to love herself and finds her voice increasingly becoming “clearer and prouder”.

Within Skyline, she hopes to meet new friends and mentors who can teach and guide her on her dream path. She wishes to be as “ready as possible” for the future and hopefully can experience living in a dorm at Trinity College.

From her personal growth, she now enjoys life at a much greater extent and fancies reading, writing stories and playing chess in her free time. In 2021, she hopes to achieve growth academically, and in her confidence and leadership skills.