Tam C.
Tam C., Skyline Class of 2022

Tam, a Year 11 student from Braybrook College, is often faced with apprehension, preventing him from discovering his own potential. Despite the feeling of having “an imperfect sense of self-worth”, Tam is extremely proud of stepping out of his comfort zone and successfully applying for a leadership position at school and gaining a VCE Scholarship. He then gained the confidence to apply for the Skyline program.

Initially being only aware of the financial aid Skyline provides, Tam now understands the program to also be a “priceless and possibly life-changing opportunity” to help him broaden his horizons and meet other inspiring students. He also hopes to gain more clarity in his future aspirations.

Tam finds helping others greatly rewarding, whether it’s in explaining a concept, being there for someone, or encouraging them to feel comfortable in their own skin. In 2021, he hopes to gain a greater sense of independence in his learning, such as upholding a strong worth ethic and is motivated to forge his own path.