Tabasom A.
Tabasom A., Skyline Class of 2022

From Pakistan, Tabasom arrived at Australia in December 2019. While living in Pakistan for 15 years, she has had horrific experiences that many cannot even imagine– bombings, terrorist attacks and losing her grandma to the lack of treatment and care. Feeling hopeless in those situations, Tabasom is now extremely passionate about helping those who are sick and lack resources and aspires to become a doctor.

Despite going through countless challenges as a refugee, Tabasom is extremely proud of herself for diligently learning English without attending a school in Pakistan and for being able to directly attend Northern Bay College.

While there weren’t any educational opportunities in Pakistan for Tabasom, she was faced with remote learning during her first year here in Australia. However, with her talents and dedication, she is extremely proud of being awarded the SEED Remote Learning award in P.E, the ABCN Scholarship and the Skyline Bursary Program. Tabasom finds inspiration from her dad who is consistent in his work ethic and always finishes something he starts.

In her spare time, Tabasom enjoys playing cricket and badminton and is also interested in makeup.