Steven B.
Steven B., Skyline Class of 2019

Steven has recently completed Year 12 at Braybrook College and has achieved his goal of transitioning into his tertiary studies to undertake a Bachelor of Commerce at The University of Melbourne.

He is very proud of getting into his dream course and is grateful for the financial, emotional and practical support the Skyline Program has provided him with.

When he isn’t flipping burgers at his local McDonalds, Steven enjoys playing video games and capturing different perspectives through his 35mm film photography. He is passionate about travelling and exploring “the world we live in”.

Steven lives by his favourite quote by Oscar Wilde, “We’re all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” He is thankful for “those who have shaped the way I am” and inspired by “other individuals making positive change” and their actions. This year he hopes to find a balance between his work, university studies and social life.

In 2021 Steven was elected to SALT – The Skyline Alumni Leadership Team – leading the Transitions Portfolio – a testament to the respect he has from his peers.