Shogoofa F., Skyline Class of 2022

As a victim of bullying, Shogoofa, a Year 11 student from Dandenong High School, has had to overcome mental and physical struggles. With the support of Skyline however, Shogoofa hopes to finish VCE successfully and to “open a door for a better future”. She is really proud of being accepted and looks forward to meeting the Skyline family in person and becoming a positive person in the community.

Shogoofa is passionate about art because it makes her feel like she can have anything in the world that she needs. She also enjoys playing soccer, volleyball, and tennis.

With the inspiration from great leaders such as her instructor Daria Callie and Michelle Obama, and those who live in Afghanistan, Africa and Syria, Shogoofa strives to live gratefully, happily and positively.