Prabh S.
Prabh S., Skyline Class of 2022

Prabh is a high achieving student from Mansfield Secondary College who applied for the Skyline Program as he felt restricted from reaching his potential due to family reasons. He now looks forward to meeting new like-minded students and accessing the resources that will help him with his studies.

With his love for football, Prabh has had to overcome a horrifying experience. During his first footfall match, he was thrown by an opponent and for months, thought he was suffering from a hamstring injury. However, 8 months later, he found out his hip was heavily dislocated and needed surgery immediately. Prabh was then forced to miss half a year of school and spent the next 5 months in wheelchair and 9 months on crutches recovering. He is now extremely proud of overcoming the physical and mental battle of rehabilitation and being able to walk again.

With the resilience he has developed, Prabh is most passionate about waking up being healthy, mentally fit and spiritually having a sense of purpose in life. He is inspired by his mother and strives towards having the best life possible