Michaela A.
Michaela A., Skyline Class of 2022

Growing up in an immigrant household, Michaela, a student from Dandenong High School, has seen the first-hand struggles of being financially disadvantaged. However, she feels humbled by their circumstances and is determined to give back to her family.

Michaela applied for the Skyline Program upon understanding her and Skyline’s values align. With Skyline’s support, Michaela looks forward to challenging herself and seeing what kind of person she will become after VCE.

Finding motivation from Mary Jane Patterson, the first women of colour to graduate from an American-established college, Michaela is extremely passionate about education and hopes for others in her generation not to forget the value of education.

In 2021, Michaela hopes to achieve happiness in whatever form possible and is inspired by the grit and determination of her immigrant family.