Melissa C.
Melissa C., Skyline Class of 2016

In late 2012 my father had a stroke as a result of a blood clot from a previous surgery. This stroke and other conditions including sight issues, skin cancer and the fusion of his ankle lead to my Dad being unable to work and my Mum becoming his main carer.

As a result my family survived on disability and carer support payments because neither my mum or dad could return to work. I applied to Skyline because the further I got into my schooling the harder it was becoming for my parents to afford all the payments required in VCE levels.

Being a part of Skyline has meant that I have another community that I know I can always rely on and genuinely cares about my future. It has meant that I've been able to achieve the best of my abilities in VCE, and also at University, and now even at work as a teacher, thanks to not only the financial support but also the encouraging words of all those in the Skyline community.

Skyline has definitely helped me to feel more confident in my life outside of high school. Thanks to Skyline initiatives such as the Alumni community I still feel connected to Skyline and feel that the community that was there in high school and at  university is still just as active now in my teaching career.”