Mai D.
Mai D., Skyline Class of 2022

Mai, a student from Westall Secondary College, grew up with domestic violence. When her mother, older brother and herself left her father, Mai’s mother took up full time work, meaning that Mai would have to do her homework at a nearby chicken shop until 6:30pm until her mother would be finished. She was even faced with having to choose between selling her lunch to afford a train ride home.

Applying to Skyline was a perfect opportunity for Mai to give back to her mother, make the most out of her education and share her purpose by meeting other Skyliners. Despite the hardships and trauma Mai has faced, she becomes stronger and sturdier each time.

Mai enjoys playing music, especially guitar since Grade 3 and flute since year 7. She continues to play gigs and performances whenever she can. Curious in nature, Mai is also passionate about finding the beauty and meaning behind everything in the world.