Lily W.
Lily W., Skyline Class of 2022

Lily, a Year 11 student from Alexandra Secondary College, has had to experience constant uncertainty, family separation and numerous trips to the hospital when her sister was diagnosed with a brain tumor. However, she believes she has grown resilience from the experience and will be prepared for any challenges that come her way.

She is extremely honoured for being accepted into the Skyline Program and will give her all to reach her full potential. In 2021, Lily hopes to achieve an outstanding score for her Year 12 Biology exam and to build many new friendships through Skyline.

Lily loves being active all year round – skiing at Lake Mountain in winter and swimming with the local team in summer. Since the age of 5, Lily has been dancing and is especially passionate in Ballet, Dance Fusion, Contemporary and Acro. She really enjoys being able to express her creativity and emotions through movement and song.