Lefteri T.
Lefteri T., Skyline Class of 2020

Lefteri studied Year 12 at South Oakleigh Secondary College in subjects English, Business Management, Chemistry, Maths Methods and Physics.

He applied to Skyline because his teachers encouraged him and he wanted to reduce the financial burden of his schooling on his mother. Lefteri can say with certainty that through the Program, he has made new friends and is grateful that he has been able to be provided with the necessary educational resources.

For Lefteri, Skyline is a place where he can meet people that are in similar situations and a place where people are willing to help. He has overcame challenges with some teaching methods and he is most proud of the new friendships he developed. Lefteri is passionate about being a friendly person and making others smile when most needed.

He is inspired by his school captains who work very hard to make his school the best it can be and he is motivated by the friendly competition he has with friends to achieve their best academic results.