Kyaw Nay N.
Kyaw Nay (Johnny) N., Skyline Class of 2020

Kyaw, also known as Johnny, was born in Thailand and arrived in Australia in 2008 when he was five. The transition from one country to another was a massive culture shock for him and his family.

The intense change caused a number of struggles and during this time, one of Johnny’s teachers encouraged him to apply for the Skyline Program. In Year 12, he studied Chemistry, Biology, Further Maths, English and German and is grateful that Skyline has empowered him to excel in his learning. He greatly appreciates the support network of peers and adults wanting to see him succeed. 

He is interested in gaming, movies, TV and politics especially around BREXIT, USA and the South China Sea. He is very proud to be an Australian and he is intrigued by government, leadership and authority. Currently, he is very interested in all matters relating to ScoMo, Trump and Johnson, and is inspired by US politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes. He aspires to improve his self-respect and confidence, and is motivated to create a better future for himself and the world.