Kevin L.
Kevin L., Skyline Class of 2022

Kevin, a student from Keysborough Secondary College (Banksia), applied for Skyline because he was looking to achieve something he would be proud of. After his mother passed away, he found the will power to try even harder with his studies, especially in math because it had been his mother who taught him. With Skyline’s support, Kevin hopes to be able to meet new friends and undertake academic tutoring to achieve even more academic success.

Throughout Kevin’s childhood and teenage years, he found himself isolated from his friends who were poor influences.  However, after moving to a new school in 2020, he now has good friends to be around with and hopes to meet more through the program.

Kevin is extremely passionate about education, especially in teaching others the things that he loves. From a young age, he has always been fascinated by science, psychology and enjoys learning about philosophy and playing video games.