Kamran J.
Kamran J., Skyline Class of 2021

A recent graduate from Northern Bay College in Geelong, Kamran studied English, Chemistry, Physics and Further Maths after proudly completing Units ¾ Mathematical Methods, Biology and Health and Human Development in Year 11.

Since joining the program, he considers Skyline to be a family and has found constant support and resources, such as the revision lectures, to be especially valuable. Kamran had to constantly move countries in the search for safety and a clearer vision of his future. However, he believes Skyline has played a fundamental role in helping him slowly pave this path.

His passions lie within soccer which has helped forged a special connection his Dad. He also strives to beat the stereotype that socioeconomic status determines academic success and is hence dedicated to help society reach equality. 

Kamran is inspired by his uncles who have achieved incredible academic results and he feels uplifted by the belief that others have in him.