Jingjing Z.
JingJing Z., Skyline Class of 2020

Jing Jing (Jenny) is a focused and resilient student whose pursuit for excellence has never wavered. She has overcome much adversity with dignity and integrity. She has a very strong support group of friends who she is fiercely loyal to, and also often supports them in their learning.

She has had to overcome the challenges of learning English well enough so that she felt confident in speaking fluently in front of others.

As a Year 12 student at Dandenong High School she studied English, Chemistry, Physics and Media.

Jenny applied to the Skyline Program “not only for the financial support, but the broader opportunities it provided and to help develop her personal abilities to achieve higher goals”.

She is inspired by the Skyline community, “or rather a big family with other talented students and Skyline members”, and the efficient and hardworking environment. She is most passionate about reconnecting to her Chinese culture and learning the language and culture and intends to graduate high school and make an effortless transition into university without any regrets.