Jay P.
Jay P., Skyline Class of 2019

Growing up in a lower socioeconomic area was never easy for Jay; despite the challenges of a “crazy home life” and struggles with mental health, he was and still is highly commended and respected in his previous school community at Northern Bay College. He has began study at La Trobe in 2020, undertaking an arts degree with a major in history and valiantly take his first big steps into adulthood.

Although he presents himself as an ordinary guy, Jay shines in his charisma, humour and unshakeable tenacity. This has only been further developed through his involvement with the Skyline Program and his connections with the Skyline community. He is passionate about equality, specifically regarding education and wealth distribution. However, it is his love of his family and aspirations to be “the best role model” for his younger sisters and to provide for them, that are the main driving force behind his actions and goals.