Heba B.
Heba B., Skyline Class of 2019

Coming from a town with around a thousand people, a hundred kilometres northeast of Melbourne, opportunities for Heba are limited. She studied English, Health and Human Development, Sociology and Business at Yea High School and is one of three sisters. Despite the challenges of living in a rural area, she has successfully completed two accelerated Year 12 subjects and what she has accomplished in her cadet career.

Heba considers that Skyline has given her “life-altering” and “miraculous” opportunities. Her time at Skyline has been filled with inspiring individuals, once in a lifetime experiences and life-long friendships, free from judgement and full of like-minded individuals. Skyline has empowered her by enhancing her education and career prospects as well as brightened her future.

Heba looks forward to building upon her good study habits and “try hard attitude” to make the most of her talents. 

With her leadership skills, Heba was elected as a Young Alumni Leader of The Skyline Alumni Leadership Team (SALT), and specifically as the head of the Regions Portfolio.