Georgia M.
Georgia M., Skyline Class of 2019

Georgia involves herself in a range of hobbies and passions, specifically music, art and martial arts.

She is dedicated and no stranger to overcoming challenges, as evidenced by her excellent performance in her Black Belt grading in Zen Do Kai at the state level, despite a shoulder injury. Her tenacity and persistence also earned her the Tomodachi Cross at her dojo’s end of year awards ceremony.

In her final year at Western Port, Georgia struggled with a heavy workload, juggling her role as School Captain, half a year of TAFE, two jobs, her involvement with the school musical production and her pursuit of her black belt, on top of keeping up with her studies. She currently pursues a career in animation, and to own a martial arts dojo.

Despite being unable to attend all the Skyline events and workshops, Georgia looks back on her time with the community with fond memories of new connections with her Skyline peers at the 2019 residential program. “I am still incredibly thankful for all the advice and support they have given, to not only me, but to the hundreds of past students and the hundreds of students to come.”